Is the market going towards a quadropoly?

The Big 4, being Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and IBM, have speeded up their acquisitions in the recent years. They are great companies which I like and try to follow. But there is one thing that really disturbs me. Almost every magic quadrant vendor that showed a great success is either purchased and became a business line of one of these companies or somehow they have ceased to exist after the purchase. I can understand if it was only for two or three or even tens of purchases but we are talking about hundreds of purchases. I used to think that this would only happen in the Hollywood movies but it is real and it is going to have a serious impact on the market soon.

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Effect of Out-of-Stock or Discontinued products in eCommerce sites

Many people think that it is not a good thing to display out-of-stock (OOS) or discontinued products in e-commerce web sites. But let us not jump to a quick conclusion like this one, unless you have some statistical data or analysis which backs your decision. In e-commerce arena, every move you make has an immediate impact. Being OOS does not sound good but making a decision just by thinking that it sounds bad, might cause bigger problems for your sales. What I would do is I would try to find a way around the OOS problem and still capture some sales over it. In this article I will try to share some methods and techniques you can use to achieve this.

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Conversion and Abandonment Rates in eCommerce Sites

Number of visits or hits your e-commerce site gets is not alone enough to understand your e-commerce business is doing well. You may be getting hits but not making sales out of that. So the question is “are you getting a good deal of orders over your e-commerce site?” To understand this we need to be familiar with the simple terms like “Conversion Rate” and “Abandonment Rate”. In this article, I will try to explain what these mean, how they are calculated and how you can achieve better results.

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