Integrating Neo4J with SQL Server

After evaluating several graph databases, I decided to put more emphasis on Neo4J. Neo4J seems to be better documented and has a better REST API than the others. But still, I did not want to move all my relational data to Neo4J and there was actually no need to do so. I only needed the graph functionality of Neo4J to retrieve the user relationships as a resultset and merge it with my good old relational data. So I decided to go on to my evaluation by preparing a small .Net assembly to access Neo4J REST API and make use of the  CLR functionality in SQL Server.

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Behind the scenes of Social Networking : An introduction to Trees, Graphs and Databases

For the past few years, social networking sites have seriously become part of our daily lives. We are twitting, poking, commenting and sharing a lot more than we did in the last decade. Today, successful social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are each hosting hundreds of millions of users, probably reaching a total of almost one billion users around the world.

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